Uni/Police response panned re shooting

It seems that many of the deaths at Virginia Tech were preventable. The killer shot two people initially at 7.15 am and then the 30 others at 9.50 am.

The uni relied on e-mail (!!!) to tell people not to come onto campus after teh first shooting, and started to phone people. Good God the Police SWAT team should have been there within minutes with loudhailers evacuating the campus until they caught the killer.

It sounds like a love affair gone sour. Very tragic. Also sounds like the killer had only been in the US a few months and was from China – there could be some complications arising from that.

It would be nice if the bodies were at least cold before the NZ Herald uses the tragedy to editorialise against the US’s gun laws. Yes there is a legitimate debate about those laws. But a knee jerk reaction before it is known how the students got the guns is just that – knee jerk.

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