Joke III

What is the first thing David Bain said he wanted to do when he was released from jail?

He said he wanted to go to KFC as he could just murder a family pack!

Okay on more serious Bain issues, I have now swung behind the view that there should not be a new trial. I still think the David did it theory is far more probable than the Robin did it theory, but I can not see a jury concluding beyond reasonable doubt that David did it, especially that I suspect any trial would end of focusing on the emotional aspects of “Don’t send David back to prison again after has has spent 13 years there”.

I don’t want to see Bain get paid millions of dollars compensation, when it still remains probable he murdered his parents and siblings. Somewhat hilariously at dinner this week my father disagreed with me on this point, and I had to point out to him that he really should not be arguiing in favour of children benefiting from parental murder 🙂

So ideal outcome is the Solictor-General reaches an agreement with Bain that there will be no new trial, but no or limited compensation. if Bain demands tens of millions in compensation, then one may need a new trial, but hopefully it can be avoided.

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