Principals attack food police

Some prinicipals are not happy that nanny state is turning them into the food police:

Dale Burden, headmaster of Mt Albert Grammar in Auckland, said his school’s canteen largely complied with the new requirements.

But when asked if pies would be removed from the menu, he retorted: “We might just wait for the food police to come and tell us off. It’s a nonsense – selling pies once a term. Why … this level of interference in schools when there are so many more important things to worry about?”

“It’s more bureaucracy, more telling schools what to do. I don’t like it at all. We’re in the business of educating kids to make decisions. The Government shouldn’t be legislating away decision-making from people.”

At Ponsonby Intermediate, pies and sausage rolls were removed from the menu several years ago, but principal Wim Boxen objected to schools’ having to take even greater responsibility for children’s eating habits.

“What are they doing, for example, for educating parents. We have got the kids for a small part of the time.”

Indeed parental responsibility seems to be an unknown concept to some.

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