Ha.  on Agenda says because of Investigate’s attacks on David Benson-Pope, it made DBP on the defensive with the media which contributed to his downfall on the issue.  No end of excuses.

Clark didn’t rule out Benson-Pope could be re-elected to Cabinet in the future.

Clark did say she was disappointed that both her and the SSC were not told all the facts at an earlier stage and even used the term deception.   Hugh Logan was (rightly) specifically criticised for concealing information from the SSC.

A lengthy on whether Setchell’s relationship meant she should not have got the job.  Jenny McManus said she should not have been hired, while Dick Griffin said the civil service should not exclude people on the basis of they sleep with.

was very funny talking about how adept is at shooting the wounded. When asked how good he was at that, he said he found that the wounded shot back and he should have strangled them at birth 🙂

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