Another set of reasons for VSM

Supporters of voluntary membership of student associations have no better ally than the VUWSA Executive who once again provide proof of what happens when there is no accountability or responsibility in an organisation through members able to leave in disgust.

Salient reports the latest from the NZUSA meeting in Christchurch:

* Theft of a sign by exec members
* Theft of a costume by an exec member
* The Queer Rights Officer stripping in a Christchurch bar
* The same officer urinating on the street in front of the other exec members
* Another exec member then licking her urine up off the footpath
* And finally a walkout because a VUWSA motion to support the democratically elected Government of Palestine was defeated.

All Victoria students should be pleased they are forced to pay $2 million a year so their compulsory reps can support Hamas over Fatah, That is when they are not stripping and licking up urine.

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