Madness in Britain

Paul at The Fundy Post alerts me to the story of a documentary on Channel 4 called “Undercover Mosque“.  The Guardian explains how this documentary showed stuff such as a “moderate” Iman preaching “We love the people of Islam and we hate the people of kuffaar. We hate the kuffaar!'” (Kuffaar’ is a derogatory term for non-Muslims).

Now the good news is the Police have investigated and have asked the Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute for stirring up racial hatred.

So that’s fine then.  Well, not quite.

You see the Police are not demanding that the Iman spreading the message of hate be charged.  No it is the makers of the documentary who they want charged for distorting the message of love that the Iman intended.

Go read the full article at The Guardian and weep.

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