More info on terrorism arrests

Good God, the weapons alone seized seem to more than adequate justification for the raids yesterday.  The Dom Post reports that naplam bombs, molotov cocktails and assault rifles are amongst the weapons seized.

One of the bombs was detonated eight days ago in a training exercise.  This sounds like a lot more than just a few idiots mouthing off, with the Police alleging different cells planning to hit different targets in co-ordinated attacks.

In another story about the Wellington arrests,  the four arrested are described as pacifists.  How this will mesh with being charged with possessing firearms, large-calibre semi-automatic weapons, Molotov cocktails, shotguns and rifles I do not know.  The most well armed pacifists I have heard of.  Maybe they are Swiss?

I can’t believe we are reading about this happening in NZ, not some other country.

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