Hawke’s Bay District Health Board

I’ve not had time to do as detailed a post as I would like to on this, and the media have covered the issues well.  So I’ll just ask a few questions:

  1. Why would the Minister not sack the Capital Coast DHB (which would probably be met with universal support) but instead sack the HB DHB – something the local community is dead set against?
  2. Isn’t it rather perverse to go public with anonymous criticisms of the Board by anonymous surgeons, and then complain when the DHB Chair responds in the media also?
  3. Will the majorities of local National MPs and increase by 25%, 50% or 100%?
  4. The Govt is trying to suppress the draft report and the former DHB members the final report.  Why not release both the draft and final and let the public form their own views.  Plus lets face it – they will both end up on the Internet anyway I suspect.
  5. Why is the Government apparently punishing the DHB for acting to prevent a conflict of interest in a contract, when the Auckland DHB got lambasted by the High Court for not being diligent enough in dealing with conflicts of interests?
  6. Why did appoint someone to the HB DHB when it was known he was likely to bid for a major contract off them?
  7. How bad is it for the Government to have the local Councils taking the Minister to health over the sacking?
  8. Has a doctors union ever before praised a DHB Chairman? Don’t they normally refer to all Chairs as cheap bastards who won’t pay us enough.

I look forward to seeing both the final report and hopefully the draft report.

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