The left’s campaign against the Herald

The Standard accuses the Herald of handing editorial control over to the Free Speech Coalition. If only they would – I’d love to be editor even just for a day.

KBB repeats the charge.  Their complaint is the story which includes:

Prime Minister says her criticisms of the New Zealand Herald bear no similarity to the ejection a newspaper publisher from Fiji by that country’s military regime.

What both blogs deliberately ignore – because they want to bring down the Herald – is that the story is not a story. It is an NZPA story. This is clearly indicated at the bottom of the page. The Herald running on their website an NZPA story is a daily event.
So really they are saying that NZPA has also joined the Vast Right WIng Conspiracy of 91 years of non charity to Labour.  And if I now have editorial control over NZPA, could someone start paying me.

Incidentally I did enjoy the comment made in this thread:

Meanwhile, overheard at a telephone exchange in downtown Suva!

“Hello, Commodore speaking.”

“Hello, Helen Clark here.”

“Why Helen, This is an unexpected surprise, what can I do for you?”

“Just some advise please Frank, how DO you deport a newspaper editor?”


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