Homework for Green candidates

To help with the list ranking for the Green Party, all candidates are required to sit a test to see how good they are at spinning for the Greens. A helpful person has provided to me the “exercises” they were asked to do, and best of all the responses from all 42 candidates.

The exercises were commenting on the A1 vs A2 milk issue, and commenting on Auckland City Council’s draft annual plan. Interesting that they ask national politicians to interfere and comment on a body’s plans.

So here are some of the responses:

Craig Carson:

One method to reduce the cost of water is to reduce consumption. There needs to be a system that ensures everyone has access to minimum requirements and charges rise as use rises.

Water Meters for everyone. An idea I support.

Kevin Hague though disagrees with water charges:

New Zealanders access to security of fresh , clean drinking water is a fundamental right, and it’s outrageous that ordinary kiwis are charged at all for necessity of life. What’s next – a price for air?

And on the milk issue

Mikaere Curtis: 

Scientists reviewing studies made have concluded that milk containing the A1 protein could be linked to type 1 diabetes and heart disease.

Wow that is dangerous territory to talk about scientists “have concluded” and to talk about a link (causative) rather than just possible correlation.

But that is mild compared to Virginia Horrocks:

It would be relatively easy to change the whole NZ herd to A2 within 10 years so why not go ahead now. Like the tobacco industry and the lead industry before them, the milk industry is risking NZs health for profits

Yes the “milk” industry is just like the tobacco industry.

Keith Locke joins the label them killers meme:

“We can’t have people die of heart attacks and diabetes just because the won’t give a few million dollars to research A1 milk”.

Now I could carry on, but that is enough for today. Tomorrow we’ll do some more quotes. And once I get bored, I’ll post the pdf of all the 42 answers.

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