Greens pissed off

I think the are getting very pissed off with Labour. Look at the last three entries on Frog Blog.

First a minor swipe at their “gas guzzling government limos”.

Then a satirical dig at the latest flip-flop:

If there are any other sectors of the that have not taken much action in the last few years to cut your carbon emissions and would like a last minute reprieve would you please form an orderly queue outside the 9th floor of the Beehive and await your turn to receive your government climate policy ‘flip flop’. If you are a wealthy special interest such as dairy, petrol or roading you can join our priority queue.

Then the real danger:

The Government will have to look to Party to support its Emissions Trading legislation if it is watered down to the point where it provides no significant environmental benefit.

“We are not in this game just so some can make money speculating on carbon prices. Emissions reductions need to be real and soon, or it is not worth doing it,” Green Party Co-Leader says.

Having the refuse to vote for the ETS would really expose the PM’s hypocrisy over her claims of leadership towards carbon neutrality.

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