MMP Referendum

The Sunday Star-Times reports that is likely to hold a two-stage referendum on , if elected.

It would be the height of hypocrisy for supporters of MMP to argue that the public should not get a chance to determine our type of electoral system.  That would be the worse kind of elitism.

Now of course one should not be changing the voting system every three years. But we are about to have our sixth election under MMP, and it is timely to give the voters a chance to confirm their choice in 1993/94, or modify it.

Now personally I would not vote to return to FPP. If the choice is between MMP and FPP, I would vote for MMP. But that in no way means I want to deprive my fellow voters of the chance to vote differently to me.

And there is the possibility one could end up with being able to choose between say MMP and STV.

Winston Peters is against the public having a say. I miht take the liberty to quote his party’s fundamental principles at him:

will be determined by the electors. The Government’s duty will be to ensure the fair representation of all views and the holding of appropriate referenda.

Of course he ignored this with the Electoral Finance Act, but surely he is not seriously arguing against the public having their say on the method of election MPs?

A UMR poll found around 67% of NZers want a referendum on MMP. However MMP itself has 42% support to 39% for FPP.

However it should not be seen just as a choice between MMP and FPP. STV, could be considered again as could SM.

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