Some questions?

  1. Why has not resigned as MP for Palmerston North, now he can do so without triggering a by-election? Does anyone think you can be Vice-Chancellor and an MP?
  2. Has NZ First paid back its $158,000 yet?
  3. Have finished paying back the money it owes to Parliamentary Service?
  4. Why have NZ First and not yet filed their 2007 donations return, 16 days after the deadline?
  5. Would have approved of manipulating MMP rules so that becomes an MP (scheduled for end of the month) with less than 30 house sitting days before the election? Is this not just an outrageous rort to allow Russel to use taxpayer funds to travel around the country for the campaign?
  6. Why would ’s website not list a single candidate who has been selected of the election? Is it because that is the only way they can get the taxpayer to fund 100% of it. Should Labour pay me for listing their candidates for them?
  7. If Winston is back in NZ now, why hasn’t any journalist asked him why they have broken the law by refusing to file their donations return, and why does it need the party leader to file a donations return?
  8. Has the Crown Law Office yet decided whether a balloon is an election advertisement?
  9. How big a mistake was it for Dr Cullen to cancel in last year’s budget the he promised in 2005?
  10. How much damage did that conference song on John Key do to Labour? Was it more or less than the global economic slowdown?

UPDATE: For (4) The Electoral Commission has now received and published the ACT and NZ First returns.

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