Greens are supporting ETS Bill

Well it was obvious from day one the consultation was a sham. I feel sorry for all those who actually took the time to write in. The Greens have announced they will be voting for the ETS Bill. I wish it had been legal for me to bet $1,000 on that outcome – it was so obvious.

NZ First are in the bag also, so the ETS will be passed into law.

Now I’m not one of those who thinks having an ETS is necessarily bad. My preferred approach would be a carbion tax initially, but an ETS is probably inevitable. Of course the actual design of the ETS is very important – this is effectively about legislation for a complex new set of taxes and permits and issues such as forestry offsets, the profit the state stands to make from it etc should be worked out, before it is passed. They won’t be, so it will be a flawed beast and I suspect Parliament will have to revisit it often.

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