Own Goal

The Dom Post reports:

Labour MP Russell Fairbrother has been left red-faced after attacking his National Party rivals for erecting electoral hoardings “weeks early” – only to discover it was him that was late.

Mr Fairbrother, a list MP based in Napier, issued a media release yesterday accusing Napier MP Chris Tremain of putting up his hoardings six weeks early.

“The National Party is quick to accuse others … when they suspect they may have been in breach of the rules,” Mr Fairbrother said.

“But when it comes to their own election campaign, it is clear they couldn’t care less what the bylaw says – they just go ahead and do whatever suits them.” Labour hoardings were ready but would not be going up ahead of time.

Later, he said his campaign manager had rung the city council to check and had been told hoardings were allowed six weeks before the election.

The period is actually three months.

It is nice of Russell to be trying so hard to give Chris Tremain such a large majority.