Business NZ Conference Part VI

This is on workplace issues. Panelists:


  1. What changes to KiwiSaver and why?
  2. What changes to and why?
  3. Will you allow grievance free probationary periods?
  4. Will you remove the union monopoly on on collective bargaining?
  5. Will you change the “relevant daily pay” provisions of the Holidays Act

Kate Wilkinson

  1. No policy released. Key has indicated some modest changes to be announced in due course. Against Labour’s KiwiSaver amendment passed this morning that makes total remuneration packages illegal
  2. Will investigate opening the work account to competition so incentives are there for good safety practices, and allow employers to insure for a higher stand of cover. Also will have an independent disputes tribunal for ACC to be fair to claimants
  3. Yes a 90 day trial period for businesses with less than 20 employees.
  4. Yes will allow a collective agreement with no union. Making employees form an incorporated society just to negotiate a collective contract is cumbersome.
  5. The Holidays Act is like the blackboard scribblings in A Beautiful Mind. Will appoint business and union reps to a working group to review the Act, esp for relevant daily pay definition. Not to reduce rights but make law more clear.
  6. General comment – important to be fair to all parties – no major changes but some improvements

Peter Brown

  1. Want to make KiwiSaver compulsory
  2. Do not support competition to ACC. Does support an independent disputes tribunal.
  3. Missed
  4. Passionate about allowing employees to do a collective contract without forming a union, but NZ First does not have policy.
  5. Thinks law has settled down but willing to be persuaded otherwise.

Sue Bradford

  1. Support Government, think it is great.
  2. Oppose any moves to competition. Want more emphasis on equitable compensation regardless of how someone is impaired.
  3. No.
  4. No.
  5. No.

Trevor Mallard

  1. Missed but I guess no major changes
  2. Against
  3. Current Act has probationary periods (but grievances still possible)
  4. Against
  5. Missed

What was interesting is that every speaker against Trevor just spoke to policies and issues while Trevor sounded like he was blogging at The Standard and was referring to Crosby/Textor and the like.

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