Cullen on SFO and Peters

Two fascinating comments from Cullen, according to NZPA:

Attorney-General says the Serious Fraud Office’s judgment over releasing information to a parliamentary inquiry is questionable.

Not really, but Michael isn’t a lawyer so doesn’t understand the concept of law over politics.

But let us think more about this. The has revealed the then Foreign Affairs Minister lied to the Privileges Committee. Also that he had an undisclosed $40,000 donation. And is our Chief Law Officer concerned about the content? No – not at all. He is just concerned that the SFO revealed the truth.

He also raised concerns over the SFO decision to investigate New Zealand First donations at a time when its future was being decided by politicians.

And here we have partisan hypocrisy. The SFO invstigated the National Party just prior to the 2002 election. Was he concerned about that? of course not.

Cullen also says:

This morning Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen said Mr Peters would not be reinstated to his ministerial portfolios before the election which is to be held on November 8.

Now this is significant. The suspension from portfolios was due to the SFO inquiry only. Cullen is now sayign even if the SFO clears him, they will not reinstate his protfolios – yet they will keep him on as a Minister without portfolio and all his baubles.

Isn’t that ridicolous?

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