More on Peter’s evidence

Winston claimed last night it was all a conspiracy because ’s lawyer, Geoff Harley, represented Fay Richwhite 15 years ago at the WInebox. That was desperate enough, but the Herald reveals:

Dr Harley did not act for Fay Richwhite but was called by Fay Richwhite lawyers to give evidence as a tax law specialist.

Also Whale Oil points out an intriguing problem with the memo tabled by Peters from . It is dated 29 August 2008. One part reads:

Vodafone records (attached) indicate I TXT Owen on that number on Saturday 23 December 2006.

But go to page 4 of the attachment and you will see that Vodafone e-mailed the Vodafone records yesterday on 9 September 2008.

So as points out, how do you write a memo on 29 August referring to an attachment you only received 11 days later? Time travel?

Presumably the memo was written in the last two days, but why then was a seemingly fake date put on it?

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