National’s Immigraton Policy

yesterday released its immigration policy. Sadly Peter Brown will not be deported back to the UK, but there are still some good aspects to it.

  • Introduce a temporary work visa for up to six months for any legal visitor to New Zealand who obtains a guaranteed seasonal job offer.
  • Introduce a Silver Fern Visa to enable people with recognised tertiary qualifications to be in New Zealand for a short period of time to seek permanent employment in highly-skilled areas which are of high value to the New Zealand economy.
  • Enable Silver Fern Visa holders to – for a short specified time period – undertake temporary work while seeking highly-paid permanent employment.
  • Establish a Retirement Visa for high net-worth people wishing to live in New Zealand at no cost to the taxpayer.
  • Ensure Retirement Visa holders indemnify New Zealand from any health, welfare, or superannuation costs.

All looks pretty sensible to me, with extra flexibility in the system.

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