Some more “innocent mistakes”

I am starting to like , who keeps revealing inconvenient truths about NZ First. The revelation of donations from the to NZ First in 2005 was excused by the PM as an innocent mistake, or administrative error or some similiar fairy tale.

Martin Kay today reveals that Spencer Trust Trustee Mr Currie, has revealed they also made donations in 2006 and 2007 to NZ First which should have been disclosed (as they were over $10K in total each year). The 2007 ones are very significant as they can still be prosecuted until 17 November.

What new excuse will Helen and her faithful chorus of leftie blogs find to excuse this one? More administrative errors? Or maybe the money went to Winston’s legal fees and he never knew about it? Or maybe a big business conspiracy donated the money against his will as an entrapment.

I would like to be able to predict that this means Clark will now sack Peters, but alas I have no confidence she willl take any action.

Yesterday Martin Kay also blogged some relevant quotes from the past:

On July 30, Winston Peters attended a Wellington Grey Power meeting and was asked the following question by a woman in the audience: “Would you assure us here today that NZ First, if they received any money from the Spencer Trust, why wasn’t it declared on your election returns?”

His response was: “What I’ll assure you is that everything that was required to do within the law has been done.”

We now know that answer was wrong after NZ First admitted yesterday it failed to declare $50,000 donated from the Spencer Trust in the return of donations for 2005.

Wrong in 2005, 2006 and 2007. There seems to be a pattern here that is obvious to anyone not called Helen.

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