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Danyl writes:

I can unhestitatingly guarantee that Four Weeks, Three Months and Two days is the best film about getting an abortion in Ceausescu’s Romania you’ll see all year.

Possibly not such a great first date movie.

Heh indeed. That reminds me of a story from a friend. A guy took her to a film festival film on a date. The film basically was about how both the female and male leads were raped, and how it affected their relationship. Eventually the male lead blew his brains out. I think it may have been the worst possible date movie ever!

Aaron B blogs:

Americans have taken to emailing Nigerians warning them that if they get offers to put money into an American bank – don’t do it, because it’s a scam.


Homepaddock praises Wotif for finding places to stay. I agree – it is a great site and I use it all the time.

No Minister has a list of false statements made by in the Vice-Presidential debate. I’m waiting to see what Fact Check makes of the claims from both sides.

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