Coin Count

I did my annual break open the piggy banks today. Last time I did this, I had 1,601 which totalled $642.95.

This time I have 1,395 coins. Feel free to guess how much they totalled this time. To help

  1. The pile at the top is $2 coins
  2. Second top on the left is $1 coins
  3. Second top in the middle is the new 50c coins
  4. Second top on the right is the new 20c coins
  5. The small pile second from bottom on the left is the old 50c coins
  6. The pile second from bottom on the right is the old 20c coins
  7. The pile bottom left is the old 5c coins
  8. The pile bottom centre is the old 10 c coins
  9. The pile bottom right is the new 10c coins
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