Dim-Post profile of Green Party

As usual, some good humour:

Founded in: 1990 (To be referred to by future New Zealand historians as ‘Year Zero’).

Position on Political Spectrum: Left of Gaia.

Stands For: Social justice; poverty reduction, achieving a progressive economy, restorative justice, making New Zealand a truly equal and egalitarian society. The party remains deeply divided over whether it should also promote environmental policies.

That is so true! The environmental part has alsmost become an add-on!

Major Financial Backers: 1/10th of all donations you give to street vagrants and homeless drug addicts are laundered through the Green parties secret slush funds.

Weaknesses: Mainstream New Zealand voters are still deeply suspicious as to the whereabouts of the second ‘L’ in the Green co-leaders christian name.

Yeah what did happen to that?

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