Government fucking up our showers

The Plumbing Distributors Association of New Zealand has sent me this PR:

“Having a great shower will be a thing of the past”.
The Plumbing Distributors Association of New Zealand () is very concerned with the Department of Building and Housing’s proposed changes to the flow rates of and the effect it will have on New Zealanders.

In the “NZBC H1 Compliance Document for hot water systems and HVAC systems” the DBH propose to have maximum shower flows of 6 litres a minute for gas and electric water heaters when a house is bigger than 150m2. A house with mains pressure water and a quality showerhead would be using 16-19 litres a minute. That is a good quality shower. Under the DBH’s proposal the shower would need to be restricted back to only allow 6 litres per minute. To understand what your shower would be like, knock your shower mixer back by 2/3rds. The small amount of water dribbling out would be what the DBH call a “comfortable and effective shower”. The PDANZ believe this is not acceptable. Having a good quality shower should not be compromised in the name of Protocol. Where do we draw the line?

First they came for our light bulbs, and then they came for our showers!!

Is there no limit to nanny state?

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