More on Yang Liu

The HoS has more details on Yang Liu:

  • donated $5,000 to Cabinet minister Chris Carter’s Te Atatu electorate
  • donated $5,000 to National
  • Had letters of support from and Pansy Wong. Wong says she never knew of the issues around his past, while Samuels does (but not sure when) and says they are politically motivated from China
  • His citizenship application took three years to approve as officials were against it, but SHane Jones granted it, over-riding his officials
  • Liu was wanted in China for alleged embezzlement
  • Charged in Australia with operating bank accounts under a false name and in November 2006, the of ordered Liu to forfeit more than $3.3 million

Liu’s restaurant has hosted fundraisers for Asian candidates from Labour, National and ACT. It seems clear that he built up connections across the political spectrum. The two key issues are:

  1. Did any MP write a letter of support knowing about the false passports, the orders in Australia?
  2. Why did Shane Jones grant him citizenship?

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