Police National HQ and the Brash E-mails

Matthew Hooton blogs some disturbing information he has obtained from the . It has taken him 18 months to get the information under the Official Information Act, even though it should have taken only 20 days.

It deals with the Police investigation into the Brash or so called e-mails. Key points are:

  • The alleged theft was notified to Police in August 2005
  • The Police did not begin their investigation until September 2006 – 13 months later!
  • The Police did not interview anyone as part of the investigation until June 2007 – 22 months after the complaint
  • The Police lied when they said in April 2008 the file was closed, as they now claim it is open but not active.
  • It took 18 months to get even this information out of the Police
  • The Police are refusing to release the file, even though they say the file is no longer active
  • The Officer in charge is the same Officer who decided not to prosecute Labour for their $800.000 of over spending in 2005

Now some will say there is nothing bad or sinister about this. They will claim the e-mails were never stolen. But why did the Police spend 20 months fighting the release?

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