Tauranga likes John

NZPA reports:

The National Party’s newly-announced ‘life means life’ policy for repeat violent criminals won loud approval in today.

Party leader got rousing applause when he talked about National’s plans to get tough on crime in an open-air lunch-time address which attracted a crowd of about 300.

The gathering was reminiscent of the signature rallies former Tauranga MP Winston Peters held during his heyday in Tauranga’s Mid-City Mall, known colloquially as Red Square. …

Despite relentless rain, Mr Key was welcomed warmly and seemed to surrounded by supporters. Not an interjection was heard.

Speaking without notes, an upbeat Mr Key pushed all the right buttons.

“Simon (Bridges) is going to be the next MP for Tauranga and he is going to be there for a very long time,” brought claps and cheers.

Further applause greeted each topic the National leader roamed, ranging from boot camps for young criminals to raising wages.

Winston may make 5% but I don’t think he is ever going to be able to say again that he is happy just to be the MP for Tauranga!

, National MP for Bay of Plenty, was also on the platform and got a mention but it was his son Llewellyn, kitted out in a pin-stripe suit like his father’s, a National Party name badge in place on the lapel, who was the star. He stepped up to the microphone and exhorted: “Vote for National and John Key.”

The confident seven-year-old was no stranger to accompanying his dad on election campaigns but has not committed yet to becoming a politician.

“I think I might be a pilot,” he told NZPA.

What a sensible chap. A pilot is a far better paying job! 🙂

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