A fun evening

That was a long but fun evening. We had a pretty good crowd at the Wellington blogger drinks with around 30 people there. The drinks then morphed into which had on Simon Bridges, Grant Robertson, Metira Turei and John Boscawen. All four were strong performers in my opinion. The new MPs have given Back Benchers a renewed lease of life.

There would be close to 100 people in the bar for Back Benches. Many of the new younger MPs in attendance, and you know its a really nice environment to socalise across the political boundaries. The inhouse parliamentary bar isn;t heavily patronised, so Back Benches may end up becoming the de facto weekly gathering for MPs, journalists and groupies 🙂

A few of us heading to Hummingbird after the Backbencher closed and I got home around 2 am, so that was a nice nine hours on the turps.

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