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The hits a new high with its party profile on NZ First. Read the whole thing but here are some extracts:

Founded In: Now there has been a great deal of lies, falsehood and innuendo spread about the founding of New Zealand First. This profile will deal with the plain cold facts and not the sterile, feeble minded nonsense spread about by the media in this country who are a bunch of smart-alec green tea-sipping ghouls, liars and pumpkin faced charlatans and that is the honest truth.

I can almost hear the voice.

Slogan: Now let me be very clear about this. First of all, that was not human brain tissue on the carpet of my electoral office. It was sheep brain tissue. You know that, I know that and the people of New Zealand knows that. We all know that because that’s the truth. Now it’s not my fault that the police forensics scientists can’t tell the difference between human brain tissue and sheep brain tissue but they can’t and that’s nothing to do with me. You’ll have to take that up with them and I encourage you to do so.

Second – and we need to deal with the facts here; not the spin, not the tall tales spread by the jackals and hyena’s in the New Zealand media and their ACT party paymasters in the World Health Organisation. The facts. Now the New Zealand Herald has claimed that when my plane violated Russian air space we were flying low over the waves to avoid radar detection. That is just an out and out lie! I’ve explained why we flew in low at night with our lights out – explained it time and time again – and the Russian East Air Command in Vladivostok has accepted my version of events!

Just wonderful.

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