Watkins on McCully

Tracy Watkins does a useful profile of Foreign Minister Murray McCully:

Mr McCully admits his new job was probably cause for a few quiet toasts within National’s ranks. “The prospect of me travelling overseas a great deal is very reassuring for many of my colleagues.”


But the foreign affairs portfolio also represents a deliberate decision to step away. “I make no secret about the fact that I’m keen to play a role in a major portfolio and to provide less room for media speculation of a negative character about my involvement in political management issues.

“I’ve attracted a rather ordinary press on that front from time to time and the opportunity to do something substantial and stand on my own feet is something I’m really looking forward to . . . I think if you’re fortunate to have some time in Parliament, the final phases of your role should see you usefully employed and using your experience.”

Is that a hint that this could be Mr McCully’s last hurrah – and a desire to leave on a high note?

For my 2c this is largely correct. Murray has been an MP for 21 years, and I think is very keen to be known as more than just the Dark Prince. Ironically enough Winston Peters wanted the same thing – I’m confident Murray will be more sucessful!

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