$500 million of infrastructure projects to be fast tracked

John Key has given details of $500 million of infrastructure projects that will be fast tracked:

  • $69 million on five new schools
  • $30 million on school refurbishments and maintenance at 64 schools
  • $9 million for special schools facilities
  • $34 million to upgrade infrastucture so schools are capable.
  • $41 million on improvements in 11 schools
  • $6 million to establish a trades academy on Southern Cross Campus in Mangere
  • $28 million to help schools accelerate existing building projects that have stalled.
  • $43 million on acclerating five large state highway projects (Kopu Bridge Replacement, Matahorua Gorge Realignment, Hawkes Bay Expressway Southern Extension, 's Corner Easing and Christchurch Southern Motorway
  • $100 million for smaller regional roading projects, with one third to be spent before 30 June.
  • $105 million on upgrades and renovations to 10,000 – 18 a day for 18 months
  • $20 million on construction of 69 new state houses

Targeted infrastructure is a far better response than some of the massive pork laden stimulus packages we have seen overseas.

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