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  1. Paul Walker looks at the case for private prisons from an economist view.  He concludes “So there is a case to be made for private prisons, but it may not be as strong as for other services currently provided by the government, and it is at its weakest for the case of maximum security prisons.”
  2. Stephen Franks offers a solution to s92A – “compensate the customer whose ISP is obliged to interfere without adequate reason, and compensate the ISP for any reasonable costs of investigating copyright claims that prove to be unjustified”
  3. Juha Saarinen writes that Brendan Battles is spamming again – text spam.
  4. No Right Turn covers the appointment of Tariana Turia and Russel Norman onto the Intelligence and Security Committee. John Key had to agree to Norman’s appointment, so this combined with his ordering of a review into the monitoring of Keith Locke suggests he is acting far more openly on these issues than some of his predecessors including the immediate one.
  5. Whoar blogs on a Swedish music model where you can “legally isten to a vast, growing catalogue of streamed tracks for free as long as you are prepared to endure around a minute of advertising per hour” or go for “a premium version, costing £9.99 per month, that suppresses the ads and offers exclusive content”.
  6. Eric Crampton blogs for overseas readers on what New Zealand is up to  in terms of the recession. His conclusion: On the whole, Key’s National government has so far done a lot less harm than have others. Let’s hope it continues.”
  7. Vic Law School has set up a blog – 15 Lambton Quay.
  8. Green MP Metira Turei blogs on TelstraClear killing off the TCF s92A code and calls for s29A to be amdned to a notice and notice regime. I agree – and 92c should be notice and notice also.
  9. Andrew Geddis at Pundit praises Steve Crow for his defence of free speech, comparing him to Larry Flynt noting “Anyone who has seen the movie The People vs. Larry Flynt will know that society doesn’t always get the heroes it might want. Specifically, those who push the boundaries and advocate strongest for the freedoms we all enjoy often are not the sort of folks we’d like to pop by our house for a beer and a BBQ.”
  10. Bernard Darnton guest blogs at Not PC to propose we solve the recession by having a none-day fortnight!

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