Ralston on Labour

Today’s Ralston:

Not that Labour’s counterattacks have been particularly effective. It seems to have reverted to the same prophet of doom approach it adopted before the last election. “The End is Nigh!” Everything National says or does Labour hysterically portrays as part of a vast right wing conspiracy to destroy the fabric of our society.

If you listen to the opposition there is nothing wrong with ACC and the Tories are simply out to sell it to evil foreign financiers. McCully is callously ignoring the starving huddled masses that depend on our kind charity. Coleman is just politically grandstanding and there was nothing wrong with the Pacific Division’s handling of immigration issues, despite those police investigations.

Labour’s tactic seems to be to say, “see, we told you so!” Sadly, voters don’t like being told they got it wrong.

Ralston points out there is no nasty rght wing conspiracy agenda:

The truth is this Government does not have some huge hidden right wing agenda. In fact it doesn’t seem to have any sort of agenda. It is really a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

So far the Government has been a triumph of style over substance. National seems to think it can remain in power simply by being better managers and trimming a few costs here and there. Now the first 100 Days programme has passed, it might be nice to see a plan for the next 1000 days.

A fair point. The budget is much anticipated.

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