Spy from the sky

Achtung. You have been wasting energy. This is prohibited under state directive XXVI. It does not matter that you paid for it. Ve will launch aerial surveilance of your homes, so we cann ame and shame offenders.

Think this is a joke. Read this:

City Council is considering using a spy-in-the-sky to identify poorly-insulated homes.

The proposal to use an aircraft with an infra-red camera to track down energy wasters is part of an ambitious plan to cut the city’s annual $1.6 billion energy bill, with an aim to reduce energy use by every resident by 9 per cent, the Press reported.

Council energy manager Leonid Itskovich said the thermal-imaging map could shame people into improving energy efficiency.

“People will be shamed and will have to do something about insulation,” he said.

How about some public lynchings also? How dare a home owner not have insulation.

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