UK Green MEP compares air travel to stabbing

This shows the extremism of the fanatics.  is an MEP and the Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales. Unlike NZ , they do not require one of the co-leaders to have a penis.

Anyway Lucas was debating with someone from the UKIP. The UKIP have a video of the exchange here. The key part is at 14 minutes through.

Lucas was arguing that people should be stopped from traveling so much. Her opponent said it was people’s right to travel (he suppoted them paying for externalities such as noise and pollution). Lucas said that rights are limited, and said that for example you can’t wonder down the street and stab someone.

It was put to Lucas that stabbing someone is not the same as taking a plane trip to Spain, and she responded that yes it was, because people are dying from climate change. The Mail on Sunday reports:

Ms Lucas, who is also a Member of the European Parliament, made the controversial comment during a televised ITV debate about plans for a proposed third runway at Heathrow. She also hit out ‘binge flying’ and people who have second homes abroad.

When asked if flying to Spain was as bad as knifing a person in the street, Ms Lucas said: ‘Yes – because they are dying from climate change.’

This is the problem with the whole extreme Green philosphy.  They want to remove choice from everyone, once they have decided something is bad. They really think flying away on holiday, is as bad as stabbing someone. In fact they probably think it is worse, so why wouldn’t the state step in and ban it. They have no appreciation that there should be limits to state power. In fact they want the state to only have increased powers.

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