An excellent appointment

Simon Power has just announced the appointment of as the Chief Executive of the :

David Henry has been appointed Chief Executive of the Electoral Commission for a term of one year, commencing 2 June 2009, Justice Minister Simon Power said today.

The one year term is because they are reviewing the agencies.

Mr Henry is a former senior public servant and more recently has worked as a management consultant. He was the Chief Executive of the Inland Revenue Department from 1988-1995, Commissioner of the Y2K Readiness Commission from 1998-2000, and Chief Electoral Officer from 2000-2006.

Henry was fearless as Chief Electoral Officer – he is the one who told Labour that their pledge card was an election advertisement and needed authorising, and that he also would recommend to the Electoral Commission that it be treated as an election expense.

Despite Labour being the Government of the Day and vigorous lobbying from Labour, he refused to back down in his interpretation and duly referred them to the Police.

I have no doubt he would be equally fearsome with a National Government.

In terms of expertise, a former Chief Electoral Officer can hardly be beaten.

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