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  1. Cactus Kate blogs on her pity for journalists and her dealings with Fairfax. She also has some insights into how women journalists are pushed into writing fluff rather than harder news and analysis
  2. David Cohen quotes Popper to Jon Johansson re the Brash e-mails.
  3. Steven Price blogs that John Campbell may be compelled to give evidence against his will.
  4. Gordon Campbell writes on loan sharks and the Chauvel bill.
  5. Paul Walker argues against eminent domain and points out private developers manage to negotiate land sucessfully without having coercive powers.
  6. Dave at Big News quotes a radio report that Christine Rankin was not dancing with her future husband on election night, that in fact he was not there. Media have cited this as fact, so I hope someone has checked if it is true.
  7. Guyon Espiner blogs five examples of National MPs not communicating with each other. His  blog should be read out at Caucus!
  8. Client Heine blogs on how it has emerged that 13 year old Alfie in the Uk is not the father of the then 15 year old Chantelle’s baby – that in fact there are 11 potential fathers, one of whom has been confirmed as the father. I’m one of the least moralistic people around on sex, but really 11 different sexual partners by 15 is umm, well rather slappierish to put it mildly. And yes I would be equally appalled at a 15 year old boy who has had 11 sexual partners.

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