Top 10 complained ads

The ODT has the top ten complained about ads:

The 10 most complained about ads of 2008

1. Tui Beer, billboard. “Let’s take a moment this Christmas to think about Christ…Yeah Right — Tui”. (86 complaints). Settled, when withdrawn by advertiser.

2. Brandex Adventure Sports Ltd, television. Skins sportswear, touting the physicality of African-American athletes, saying they have a “warrior” mentality and “killer instinct”. (73). Upheld, racial stereotyping.

3. Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand, television. A drinking “Uncle Mark” grabs a young boy, swinging him into furniture on an “aeroplane ride”. (68). Settled, when advertiser and broadcasters resolved to show it only after 8.30pm.

4. New Zealand First, direct mail advertisement. A NZ First flyer said an anti-John Key site had been set up in the name of the ad’s recipient. (43). Not upheld.

5. Advanced Medical Institute, billboard. “Want long-lasting Sex?”, ad for nasal medication to battle premature ejaculation. (38). Upheld, did not meet due sense of social responsibility.

6. Sky Television, billboard. An ad for a Sky television programme stated, “all business considered, even from Jews”. (27). Settled, advertisement removed and an apology published.

7. Beds R Us, television. A couple searching for the perfect bed are shown kissing passionately, then the female, clad in underwear, straddles the male. (23). Settled, ad replaced after complaints that sex was being used to sell.

8. Fonterra, television. In an Anchor trim milk ad, a child tells his mother “you’re fat”, then adds, “yeah mum, you’re not fat. Nana’s fat”. (18). Not upheld, light-hearted and unlikely to cause offence.

9. Tui Beer, billboard. “Sure, I’ve got ten minutes to talk about Jehovah”. (16). No grounds to proceed, did not meet the threshold to cause serious offence.

10. Hell Pizza, direct mail. `$25 Hot as Hell” ad showed a photo of a Thai woman in high heels and a bikini, promising a Thai massage, if the offer was redeemed in Thailand on the day of purchase. (15). No grounds to proceed, as it did not meet the threshold to breach the Advertising Codes.

I wonder how many of them are on You Tube?

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