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  1. The Lumiere is campaigning for censorship reform, contrasting the costs for DVDs to be classified against the ease for films on TV to be shown. It’s a very interesting post.
  2. Tim Blair focuses on the verbal incontinence of Joe Biden.
  3. Jim Donovan looks at Government spending.
  4. Cactus Kate warns people off investing in Cynotech Holdingss, in her normal subtle way:
    May I say that letting Allan Hawkins near your hard-earned money is as stupid as letting a paedophile babysit your children, an alcoholic work as a taster in a brewery and a drug addict run a pharmacy. He’s a convicted fraudster.
  5. Michael Ellis points out to Russel Norman, that the Greens have a more European caucus than National.
  6. Guido Fawkes compares the possibility of Gordon Brown appointing Ed Balls as Chancellor of the Exchequer,  to Caligula trying to make his Horse a Consul.

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