Complainant #2

Jonathan Marshall reports on Complainant #2:

The Korean businesswoman whose sexual allegation against disgraced ex-MP is being investigated by police was herself charged with a serious criminal offence, but was not convicted, and it is claimed she has a string of creditors chasing her for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The details are:

The woman has been in trouble with the law herself. In October 2005 she appeared in Waitakere District Court charged with assault with intent to injure, but the case did not go to trial because the alleged victim did not turn up for a depositions hearing.

Assault with intent to injure is getting up to the serious end. I wonder what the details were.

More recently the woman and her business partner have been pursued by several creditors to whom it is alleged they owe thousands of dollars. A company owned by the pair has been placed into liquidation owing $245,000, although the liquidator expected that amount to climb.

A private investigator, who asked not to be named, confirmed finding the woman had been “terribly difficult”.

The private investigation firm had wanted to serve court documents on the woman relating to mortgage non-payment to the Bank of New Zealand for four homes, each valued at around $600,000.

That is a lot of money – $2.4 million. Not sure any of this directly is relevant to the allegations against Richard Worth, but it does tend to impact on credibility.

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