Best candidate statement

I saw a twitter from Salient about a by-election so went and had a look at their story. I have to say I was highly amused at this election statement from for Women’s Rights Officer:

I have a long history of women’s rights. In fact, my Dad was a women’s rights activist. My mum would have liked to be but she was too busy with domestic duties to be concerned with trivial tittle-tattle such as politics. Also, my dad wouldn’t let her. Wasn’t her place he said.

What do I stand for? Equality, liberty and FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM! Women are cool. Rights are cool. It follows, therefore, that women’s rights should be pretty cool as well. But what would I know, I’m just hypothesising.

To be honest, I got into this position rather unconventially. My flatmate somehow managed to bypass VUWSA and slip a cheeky wee application in without anyone, let alone me, knowing. Still, however, I’m a huge fan of democracy, student politics and velociraptors – so I’m only following through with this because I’m currently away at MGMT and have no way of removing my name from the ballot.

Take me where you will, democracy!

If you want to see me beat down a handful of feminists with no-effort (or support) on my own unauthorized behalf, then vote for me!

That, my friends, is women’s rights!

Lucy should win just for her sense of humour!


The first two WRO’s took off or resigned, so give Lucy a go!

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