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Child advocates have slammed a risque range of baby clothes that created a storm of controversy in Australia and are now on sale in New Zealand.

The T-shirts and suits are on sale in Australian chain Cotton On Kids’ 17 Kiwi stores and feature slogans including “I’m a tits man”, “The condom broke”, “I’m living proof my mum is easy” and “Mummy likes it on top”.

So long as they are on babies, not kids old enough to read and understand what they mean, I just see them as parents showing off a sense of humour.

A t-shirt saying “I’m living proof my mum is easy” is poking fun at the mum, not the kid. It would be interesting if the Dad purchased the t-shirt without the mum knowing 🙂

The controversy follows World’s foray into children’s clothing in 2007. A range of T-shirts emblazoned with “Future Porn Star” was criticised, but designer Francis Hooper defended them as “humorous and irreverent”.

In 2008, Jay Jays’ Little Losers range of T-shirts was accused of sexualising kids. Featuring slogans such as “Miss Bitch”, “Miss Floozy” and “Mr Well-Hung”, they were removed from displays after criticism.

I tend to agree those ones are inappropriate, as they can sexualise the kids themselves.

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