Hawaii Day 4 – Maui Ocean Centre

After we went up to the top of Haleakala Crater, we headed to the Maui Ocean Centre – or the local aquarium.

It was pretty good, as they had some fish and sharks you don’t see much. But not the best aquarium I have been to. The Sydney one I rate a fair bit higher. It only took an hour to pretty much see everything. I’d give it a C+ – worth seeing if you have the time.

a13 Not sure what this fish is, but it looks tasty!

a14 This guy has armour!

a15 Fish galore.


I like the simple black on white

a17Great camouflage


Don’t see crabs like this back home


As the turtle is just below the surface you can see its reflection upside down


Jellyfish in blue


The hammerhead shark is always easy to spot


Looking at this, you can understand why Steve Irwin was killed so quickly. I wouldn’t one of those stingers going through me.

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