Now that’s an offensive ad


Stuff reports:

The brains trust behind the new Pizza campaign is a 19-year-old advertising student and his three friends.

Hell Pizza spokesman Matt Blomfield said they had brought in the four students from the Auckland University of Technology to revitalize the brand.

“All the advertising agencies are crap so we thought we’d let some kids have a crack,” he said.

That is such a Hell thing to say.

executive director Hilary Souter said today they had received one complaint, but more were likely.

Yeah I think that is a safe call.

Race relations commissioner Joris de Bres saw the humour in it but said: “Well I just hope their pizzas aren’t in as poor taste as their advertising.”

I’m impressed by such a sensible response to it. Recognise its bad taste, but not over-reacting to the humour.

Hat Tip: Whale Oil

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