RIP Edward Kennedy

While he was the least of the three brothers, the passing of does mark the end of an era.

Kennedy died aged 77 of a brain tumour.

My favourite Kennedy was Robert. I thought he was an amazing tough politician who achieved a lot from a very early age. JFK was okay but somewhat over-rated due to his tragic death.

Edward Kennedy will always (justifiably) be associated with the death of Mary Jo Kopechine. That should have been enough to end his career. It didn’t but it did stop him becoming President.

As a Senator he was influential and hard working. For those who support his politics, he achieved a lot as a Senator and surprisingly was effective at doing bipartisan deals with the Republicans.

Kennedy entered the Senate in 1962 and served for 47 years. He won his brother’s old seat. He was not appointed to the seat in 1961 as he was too young – just under the constitutional age of 30. He was the third longest serving Senator of all time.

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