Who Am I? Who Are You? – Tara te Heke

There’s been plenty of discussion in my posts as to whether I am “real”.

Rather ironically mostly from people with pen names and I see when I log-in to post my pieces, clearly fake email addresses on sign-on to Kiwiblog.

So the question I have for you all who doubt that I exist – are you “real”? Are you all really of the opinion and confidence you portray here? Or are your views privately very different from the clear lack of confidence I bet you display publicly?

Hundreds of comments from the same sort of people, same names. What kind of person comments in that I should have an abortion? Or have my children taken off me? That I am some sort of low life. That I don’t count because I’m not like you. While some comments have been supportive (thank you) and some constructively critical (thank you), plenty have just been far too personal and utterly vile.

Clearly there are two sorts of people who read Kiwiblog, those intelligent souls who read, absorb and think (the vast majority of thousands), then the small amount (about 20-30) of absolutely nutters (commonly termed David Farrar’s troll farm) who feel free to spout nonsense that they wouldn’t freely speak of for fear of being written off in public as sad, old and downright creepy.

Little wonder women do not blog if this is the reaction they get for being opinionated and not deemed high achieving enough to be accepted by men. And its not right or left wing here that is the issue, it seems that the hatred is not even political as I haven’t even started to post about who I vote for and what policies I support. Little wonder I cannot use my real name. I would fear that one of you were nutty enough to turn up on my doorstep.

A lesser person would be put off but I shall continue posting until David returns from his well deserved holiday to listen to your abuse. For no other reason than I am better than all of your hatred. That’s right, freezing works and all I’ve seen slabs of dead meat with more love and kindness than the 20-30 of you that ruin it for the rest of the audience.

is not a good term for it. Trolls are fun and amusing and serve purpose in children’s tales. You guys are just pathetic and need to stop spreading your negativity, either get more gainful employment, girlfriends or get out and meet people that aren’t just like you. Because you all live your lives around this blog and your computer.

That is really sad.

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