Contraception to stop climate change

A month or so back I did a satirical post about the Green Party promoting abortion as a way to combat . It provoked howls ou outrage.

Just to show how satire can sometimes come close to the truth, Brian Rudman writes today:

Luckily for Mr Goff, the conference was over before party activists had a chance to catch up with research from the London School of Economics arguing was almost five times cheaper as a means of preventing climate change, than conventional green technologies. The principle being it’s much cheaper to hand out to prevent the emitter being born, than it is to cleanse the atmosphere of the carbon he or she will emit, once born, for the next 80-odd years.

If the new leader is uncomfortable backing the case for energy-efficient lightbulbs, how much more embarrassing for him if the party latched on to the idea of free condoms as a way to stop global warming.

So will the Green Party jump at this opportunity to promote condoms to reduce carbon emissions?

Their population policy already says:S

The population cannot be increased beyond its capacity to offset its greenhouse gas emissions. says:

The LSE report called Fewer Emitters, Lower Emissions, Less Cost is here.

So who will be first to endorse condoms to fight climate change – the or Young Labour? 🙂

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