German Election Results

Election geeks can get the results directly here.

It looks good for Merkel with 233 268 289/299 results received. So far the party vote (previous figures were electorate vote by mistake) is:

  • CDU/CSU 34.6% 34.1%
  • FDP 14.8% 14.6%
  • SPD 22.8% 22.9%
  • Greens 10.6%
  • The Left 11.2% 11.8%

The CDU/CSU and FDP are on 48.7% so can probably form a Government. The SPD and the Greens have only 33.4%. The SPD have ruled out coalition with The Left.

Unless the combined CDU/CSU + FDP vote falls under 48%, they will form the Government. If it falls away then it might be another grand coalition.

For those not up with German politics the CDU are basically the conservative party and the CSU is their equivalent in Bavaria. The CSU tend to be more conservative on social issues and less liberal on economic issues.

The FDP are a liberal party – on both social and economic issues. In the past they have had long spells in Government with both the CDU and SPD but since the mid 1980s have really only sided with the CDU.

The SPD is the social democratic party, or main party of the left. The Greens are similiar to the Greens here but significantly more rational. For example the supported NATO action in Kosovo and German troops to Afghanistan and in Hamburg are in coalition with the CDU.

The Left is the most hardcore left party, and hence ruled out of coalition by the SDP. It is the successor to the former East German ruling party until 1989. They have done relatively well of late due to the SDP being in a grand coalition with the CDU/CSU. This is one of the problems of grand coalitions – it helps the extreme parties.

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