Kiwi Pipe Band in Libya

The Dom Post reports:

As Robin Loomes prepares to lead his pipe band at a political party in Libya today, a stern message from his mother will ring in his ears.

Mr Loomes, a UnitedFuture candidate in Port Hills in Christchurch at the last election, will lead his pipers and drummers band during celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of the revolution that brought Muammar Gaddafi to power. …

Prime Minister John Key called the tour an “interesting choice of gig”.

The story doesn’t do justice to the PM’s reaction. If you are bored watch his press conference. Most of the questions are what you would expect – on the ETS, mining on DOC land, the SAS in Afghanistan. There was even a question presumably inspired by my blog, about whether Nancy Wake would be given an honour (the answer is it is under consideration for the NY Honours list).

At about 15 minutes into it, the question is asked about the (private) NZ pipe band playing at Gaddafi’s 40th anniversary and the look on Key’s face is priceless. A sort of “what are you expecting me to say” look. He finally mutters how it is an interesting choice of gig.

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