Little endorses Goff

The Herald reports:

Party president last night sought to quell speculation about ’s longevity as leader, saying he was the only MP who could lead the party into the next election. …

“The reality is there is only one MP in our caucus who can provide the leadership to take us to victory, and that is Phil Goff,” he told the party’s conference in Rotorua.

It is never a good sign when you have to publicly endorse your leader, especially when it has the sincerity of Gordon Brown endorsing Tony Blair.

That is probably a bit too harsh.  It would be a disaster for Andrew if Goff does not survive until the election, as Andrew will only become an MP at the 2011 election.

Of course regardless of motivation, Andrew is basically correct. At this stage Goff is their only viable leader, and I certainly expect him to contest the election. I just struggle to see him actually being elected as Prime Minister, but time may prove me wrong.

On the other hand, if the Dom Post correctly reports:

Phil Goff rode in on a Triumph motorcycle to kick-start Labour on the long road back to electoral success, at this weekend’s party conference.

Then maybe he won’t survive until the election!

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